Leadership Team

    Seasoned experts, including former economists, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, and former regulators with many decades of experience dedicated to developing and evaluating programs tailored for banks and Fintech companies.

    CMS Review

    • Our team is comprised of more than 30 individuals who worked as or collaboratively with government regulators, including with the OCC, FDIC, Federal Reserve Board (including the Board of Governors), CFPB, and SEC. Individually or together, we offer invaluable assistance to institutions in preparing for examinations and in effectively responding to regulatory feedback, including the implementation of any necessary subsequent remediation processes.
    • Experienced professionals who have executed more than 40 CMS reviews and who possess a profound grasp of current practices and challenges, adept at pinpointing areas for enhancement and devising innovative solutions. Our team of former safety and soundness, fair lending, and compliance examiners has direct knowledge of supervisory activities and are well positioned to deliver immense value to clients in preparation for regulatory exams.

    Fair and Responsible Banking

    • Our team consists of experienced former Fair and Responsible Banking Officers, and Fair Lending Officers who possess a deep understanding of statistics and model governance.
    • Our fair lending practice has performed over 100 fair lending regressions, non-regression data analytics, appraisal reviews, and other fair lending reviews. We have a team that includes former Federal Reserve fair lending economists and PhD statisticians. Our fair lending expertise is highly regarded as evidenced by the breadth and duration of our client relationships.


    • We can marshal a large team of file reviewers experienced in executing review services with accuracy and efficiency, such as CRA small business/small farm data scrubs.
    • CRA leaders with experience as former CRA Officers and who are schooled in managing programs, contributing to thought leadership, and ensuring financial institutions are putting their best foot forward in the communities in which they operate.
    • Our team includes former safety and soundness/CRA examiners who understand the regulatory environment and the importance of demonstrating to examiners CRA performance data and performance context.

    Small Business Lending

    • Asurity has been on the forefront of the final SBL rule, with industry pioneers who have contributed to thought leadership with, among other things, the publication of key articles discussing and recommending best practices relative to implementing the final rule.
    • Our core SBL team already has assisted approximately 10 clients in building processes, managing regulatory change management, and integrating complex regulatory requirements into existing business practices.

    Crossing $10B Threshold

    • We have a cadre of former C-Suite executives, including CCOs, CROs, CFOs, CISOs, CIOs, and Chief Privacy Officers, who can help institutions navigate crossing the $10 billion asset threshold and the ensuing regulatory scrutiny that come along with it.
    • We possess strong regulatory insights and industry best practices to help clients scale to meet the regulatory expectations associated with crossing $10 billion.

    Fintech Compliance

    • Our team has been involved with the development and growth of the fintech industry, advising numerous fintech clients and their bank partners on the fintech-bank relationship and associated roles and responsibilities.
    • We have performed more than 30 reviews of fintech organizations, both on behalf of bank partners and as independent reviewers for the fintech.

    Mortgage and HMDA

    • Our team has performed hundreds of engagements in the mortgage industry, offering comprehensive assistance ranging from origination to servicing, with a team boasting former owners and operators of mortgage companies, first- and second-line mortgage leaders, compliance and operations experts, and former examiners who focused on mortgage while working with the prudential regulators and the CFPB.
    • We have a large pool of reviewers that can execute with accuracy and speed review services such as HMDA scrubs.
    • Our staff consists of compliance-focused data quality specialists dedicated to collaborating with institutions to ensure compliance with requirements and standards.

    Staff Augmentation

    • Our team has approximately 40 individuals who can offer significant financial services industry expertise, including on a staff augmentation basis.
    • Members of our team have spent decades embedded with financial services organizations serving as an extension of their institution and operating at their direction. We have former c-suite executives that can serve in seconded roles such as CCO, CRO, Chief Privacy Officer, CISO, CIOs, and more.

    Risk Management

    • The risk management team has decades of experience in managing and advising on the design and development of risk management frameworks and programs, from first-line risk ownership and control environments to enterprise risk management for large institutions.

    Operation Reviews

    • Unrivaled practical experience in building operational and compliant processes, including expertise in process mapping and control identification.